Steering Committee

The steering committee for e-Government is responsible for forming the IT strategy of the University of Thessaloniki. It oversees the work of the IT Center in information systems and services, electronic governanace and communications.

The Committee is formed by:

  • Supervisor
    Nikolaos Papaioannou, Rector
  • President
    Nick Bassiliades, professor of Informatics

and members

  • Anthony Aletras, professor of Medicine
  • Dimitris Kougioumtzis, professor of Electrical and Computer Engineering
  • Margaritis Vafeiadis, professor of Civil Engineering
  • Patroklos Georgiadis, professor of Mechanical Engineering
  • Konstantinos Papazachos, professor of Geology
  • Nikolaos Pitsianis, assist. professor of Electrical and Computer Engineering
  • Athanasios Tsadiras, assist. professor of Economics
  • Panagiota Partakelidou, staff, Director of Administrative Affairs
  • Ioannis Salmatzidis, staff, Technical Director of the IT Center