HPC infrastructure

The IT Center of the Aristotle University of Thessaloniki hosts and operates two Computational Clusters, the Institutional Cluster "Aristotelis" as well as HG-03-AUTH (or "Afroditi"), a part of the National Grid Infrastructure HellasGrid. A cluster for Big Data applications providing access to common Hadoop ecosystem tools is also available.

The Institutional Cluster began its operation as part of the European Grid infrastucture in 2002 and is the first Greek based Grid Computing Infrastructure. Today it constitutes the central Institutional HPC infrastructure and has approximately 600 cpu cores with a minimum of RAM 2GB per core. The storage system has a total capacity of over 350TB and is utilized on top of GlusterFS, an open source distributed and parallel file system.

HG-03-AUTH was installed in 2006 and is one of 6 central computational clusters procured by GRNET SA as part of the national project HellasGrid. HG-03-AUTH consists of approximately 400 cpu cores with a minimum of 1GB of RAM per processor. 

In the following diagram the evolution of the computing infrastructure (number of cores) throughout the time is shown:


In the following diargam the evolution of the total useful capacity of the infrastructure throughout time for cluster GR-01-AUTH and HG-03-AUTH is shown:

The Big Data (Hadoop) cluster consists of 6 servers and the HDFS capacity is 2TB. 

The computing infrastructure and the scientific computing services that are provided from IT Center are utilized from the scientific community of Aristotle University of Thessaloniki for research and educational activities.