HPC infrastructure

The IT Centre of the Aristotle University of Thessaloniki hosts and operates a medium sized institutional HPC infrastructure. The “Aristotelis” cluster is comprised of more than 50 physical and virtual nodes that cumulatively amount to more than 2000 CPU Cores. It is split upon partitions (queues) of similar (homogenous) resources. Jobs are scheduled upon these partitions via the Slurm Workload Manager, an open source cluster management and job scheduling system.

A detailed overview of the hardware specifications per partition is available here.

The operating system used is CentOS 7 and CentOS 8 Stream. In terms of compilers the following options are available:

  • GCC Compiler Suite,
  • PGI (Professional Edition) Compiler Suite and
  • Intel Parallel Studio (Composer Edition).

A wide variety of scientific software is available for the HPC users. An indicative (yet not extensive) list of applications is available here.

The outcomes of the HPC activity and focus of the IT Centre are recorded and published here (page in Greek). These include research publications, doctoral and master students’ thesis and more among others. 

Beyond operating the institutional HPC infrastructure the IT Centre further provides support services for accessing and using efficiently the underlying resources addressed towards students, researchers and the teaching faculty of the University.

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