Institutional Account Guide

Your Institutional User Account gives you access to all the electronic services offered by the Aristotle University of Thessaloniki (AUTh).

  • If you are a student, you may self-register to acquire your Institutional User Account
  • All others, please visit the Helpdesk of the Information Technology (IT) Center
  • Accounts are enabled as long as your academic status is active. You may check Institutional Account Management Web Interface where you can find information about the status of your account and check all other service settings.


Services offered exclusively to students

  • For online subscriptions to courses, please visit the StudentsWeb interface of your school or Department, after authenticating with your Institutional Account
  • To order university textbooks, please visit the national textbook distribution service of Eudoxus (currently only available in Greek)
  • To apply for a national academic ID (a.k.a. "Paso" or Public transport discount pass), please visit the national academic ID service


Wireless and computer access

  • To connect to the AUTh wireless network, follow the WiFi guidelines where the different available SSIDs are described. Wifi availability is shown on the campus map.
  • VPN access to the AUTh network is popular for accessing Library Resources, but requires use of the digital certificate issued with your Institutional Account
  • There are numerous wired data network outlets for authenticated use (through 802.1x)
  • Access to computer labs throughout campus is also available


Other offered services

  • For email access to your Institutional Account, visit the WebMail System of AUTh
  • To use the Blackboard e-course platform, please read the guidelines of the Central Library Services that supports this platform
  • To use the e-Class e-learning platform, visit the local e-Class installation supported by the IT Center
  • To access your grades and lesson information visit the e-University Student Information System supported by the IT Center


Contact Information

You may contact the IT Center in the following ways:

  • by phone: +30 2310 999000 (Mon - Fri, 08:15-15:00)
  • by e-mail:
  • by visiting the Helpdesk, located at the first floor of the Central Library Building (please make an appointment due to COVID-19 situation)
  • by post mail at the following address: Information Technology Center, P.O. BOX 888, GR 541 24, Thessaloniki