Progress of Development Work in the updated OLA

Maria Tsiakmaki | Argyris Mpesinas | Nikolaos Saoulidis | Konstantinos Karaoglanoglou

IT Center of AUTh

Current OLA

  • Set up a syslog server on the IT center's premises for better monitoring
  • Identified bottlenecks
  • This effort allowed us to focus stress-free on the development of the updated OLA
  • This effort will ensure a smooth rollout of the updated OLA
  • Updated OLA

  • Framework-based application
  • Mobile First
  • Best Practices UI/UX
  • Easy-to-use Administration Area
  • GDPR-compliant
  • JSON API for interoperability issues
  • LA entity

    The LA is displayed as a multistep form.

    Transcript Of Records functionality already attached. The updated OLA is able to receive ToR data from the Erasmus+ Dashboard, and display them to students.


    Greedy revisioning approach. Each and every change in the components of the LA, triggers a new version, stored in the application.


    Full history log available to the administrator.

    Allows for diff actions between versions of the same LA. It could come handy in the future.


    MyAcademicID compliant Login

    Google Login (for a short period of time)

    UI/UX Improvements

    Fetching data from external sources and display them back to the user, in a sane UI/UX manner.

    JSON API + Documentation

    All functionality available to the user in the updated OLA, is also openly available through a JSON API, to selected ERASMUS ecosystem applications, therefore achieving a high level of interoperability.

    The JSON API is thoroughly documented in OpenAPI 3.0, so that it can be easily utilized by other development teams.

    OLA/Dashboard and EWP

    Published data of the current OLA in the EWP network.

    Gained experience in order to fully connect the updated OLA in the EWP network.

    Blockchain Feasibility Study

    A 33-page long feasibility study on whether and how blockchain technologies could be incorporated in the updated OLA.

    What's Next

    Thank You!