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Microsoft DreamSpark

Microsoft software for research and education

Microsoft DreamSpark is a software distribution program which provides free Microsoft® software to all AUTH members.

The are two subscription categories:

  • DreamSpark Premium: Most Microsoft software
  • DreamSpark Standard: Subset of Premium (Windows OS for clients is not included)

MS Office is not included in any of two previous subscriptions. Specifically, you can see which software is available for each subscription here:

Access to DreamSpark Premium services is granted only to STEM category departments (as defined by Microsoft). For AUTH those are:
- Natural Sciences
- Engineering
- Medical Sciences
- Agronomy, Forestry and Natural Enviroment.
 All the rest AUTH departments have access only to DreamSpark Standard services.

  1. An activated AUTH Academic Account is required.
  2. Be a member of Academic and Teaching Staff or student (Undergraduate, Master's, PhD, Erasmus)*
  3. Any software you may acquire is destined only for education and/or research purposes. Its installation to any computers inside the campus (other than your personal ones) is prohibited.

*If you belong to another category (employees, ETEP, researchers) you have no direct access. You can request your registration to the service by contacting IT and specifying the computer where the software will be installed as well as its purpose. This computer must be used solely for academic or research purposes.

  1. Log in to DreamSpark webpage.
  2. Order you software and acquire your product key following the Dreamspark Software Order Instructions.
  3. Download the software from the webpage according to the instructions above.
    Alternatively, you can get it from the IT help desk (AUTH cental library's reading room 8:15 - 15:00) by fetching the appropriate number of DVDs with a Printable Surface.