Wireless Network

You may connect to the Wireless network of AUTh via the following SSIDs:


This is the preferred network, supported by the international network of academic institutions that participate in the “eduroam” infrastructure.
If your home institution is eduroam enabled, you may connect to the AUTh network without reconfiguring your devices. If you have just acquired an AUTh Institutional Account or a guest account provided by event organizer, you will need to configure your devices:

  • for Windows: Download the automatic setup program.
  • for iOS, android: connect using the username and password of your Institutional Account or guest account. You will be prompted to accept the certificate of the server radius.auth.gr the first time you connect.

AUTh web connect 

This is the alternative method which requires supplying username and password credentials of your Institutional Account or your guest account provided by event organizer each time you connect:

  • Open any webpage (eg http://www.google.com)
  • You will be automatically redirected to a login page. Enter your account’s username and password and press “Login”.

AUTh open

You can connect to AUTH open with no need of academic credentials. When you connect to this network you will be redirected to this website. Follow the instructions in order for you to receive a SMS with the credentials of a daily "GuestPass" account and connect to wifi.