SPSS Statistics

One of the world's best statistical analysis software
Target audience 

IBM SPSS Statistics software package is distributed to all AUTH members. The contract between SPSS & AUTH concerns the whole university campus (Site License).
The current contract between SPSS & AUTH expires on 31/3/2015.
Registration codes for 22, 21 and 20 version are available.


An activated AUTH Academic Account is required.

  1. Submit your online Request in order to recieve your software's registration codes.
  2. Download the program (for version 22 only)

    Windows 32 bit: SPSS_Statistics_22_win32.exe
    Windows 64 bit: SPSS_Statistics_22_win64.exe
    Mac OS: SPSS_Statistics_22_TR_Mac.dmg

    Alternatively you can receive the software from IT help desk by fetching a DVD with a Printable Surface attached to it.

  3. Follow the installation instructions in the Manual.
    For versions 21 and 20 follow the instructions imprinted on the pdf file at the page's top right part.